Fondacioni Diakonia Albania


The Albanian Foundation Diakonia Albania is a non-profit organization committed to helping people in need. It goes back to the longstanding work of the German Christian Relief Association Wismar e.V. (CHW) which drove the first aid transport to Pogradec in 1992. The Diakonia Albania, founded in 2012, carries out from Pogradec relief operations, maintains social projects, and helps to improve educational conditions as well as the municipal structure in the region.

Visit to the village of Kriçkovë

Our Mission

People in the Albanian mountain villages live under the most primitive living conditions. They are largely cut off from the economic development in the cities and the Albanian state is hardly able to bring about structural improvement. Therefore, we meet human suffering with our possibilities, for example, through aid for needy families, the care of elderly and sick people for whom there is no state welfare services, or with our dormitory, which provides children an education in remote villages.

In our projects, we work with local communities, government agencies, other aid organizations, and with many volunteers from Albania, Germany and other countries. Our aid changes lives. Not only of those directly affected: it encourages entire families and villages.

Our office with team apartment in Pogradec

Loading of relief supplies in the storehouse at Pogradec

Our Vision

Through our work we want to help people change their lives for the better. We provide them with opportunities to get out of poverty and to provide for themselves. For example, our educational projects for children, sewing courses for women or agricultural projects, serve this purpose, as well as the advising of local authorities and improving infrastructure. An important aspect is, in our opinion, life in the community. Therefore, we help municipalities as well as churches and promote a willingness to help others, even outside of traditional family structures. As a more extensive goal we want to support, in addition to the current projects, the advancement and further development of the Albanian health and welfare system.

The Christian faith is the foundation of our work. We do not plant churches, but rather work together with churches and Christian organizations, for example, through the membership in the VUSH. However, our offer of support is intended for all people, regardless of their faith.

Statements about the Diakonia Albania

“My first contact with CHW was as the mayor of the Velçan municipality. For our municipality, the CHW is a strategic partner that has participated actively in many areas and continues to do. I would like to thank the founders of the association and all our friends from Germany who tirelessly continue the work. They have left behind due to their efforts positive marks in every family of our community.”
Ilia Mani, former mayor of the Velçan municipality

“Thanks to the many years of generous help of the German workers from Christian Relief Association Wismar e.V. a seed of hope has been planted in us. The Christmas presents brought with them for the gift table have prepared great for joy many children of this region. These Christmas packages are often the trigger that open the closed heart.”
„Taso“ Anastas Konstandini, painter, Pogradec

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